Time is money.

Our network of consultants consists of experts in their fields. They rapidly catch the actual problem and understand the challenges.

“Lightfoot heavyweights”

The challenges our customers face are diverse. Some problems are solved in a few hours, others stretch over several years. However we receive positive feedback and experience satisfied customers regardless of contract size. One task very often initiates new ones. Contracts are prolonged. By “delivering the goods” our consultants simultaneously act as our marketing department. This created our good reputation.

We are seniors of all ages…

Project Invest’s engineers and consultants are “grown up people”. Some of our most requested consultants are above 70. Our youngsters are below 50. In common we share experience and substance combined with reliability and efficiency.


Ask some questions…

Do you need access to experience and competence?
Do you need to strengthen your technical organization?
Do you need new ideas and a fresh view on your challenges?
If you ask “yes” to one of these questions, we have something to talk about..